Further Information:

Here at Sterling Armory, we work to produce quality hand crafted arms and armor for stage combat use, sparring blunts for sword on sword martial arts training use, and sharp pieces for martial arts cutting exercises. Each piece is designed by mechanical engineer Chris Fields, who has an extensive history of practical applications for swords in today's world, with over 20 years stage combat experience, and 25 years martial arts experience in several arts.

What does "Stage combat use" mean? This means all swords are designed and engineered to be unsharpened and able to withstand heavy blade to blade contact for years and years, but still remain authentic looking. All shields are built to take heavy blows from various weapons and keep the wielder safe.

Sparring blunts are designed to extremely blunt, including large radius tips, but still retain the handling characteristics of their sharp counterparts.

Many swords in this industry tend to be just thick bars of steel, here at Sterling Armory, we strive to make each stage piece as historically accurate as it's sharp counterpart, with correctly designed distal tapers and blade geometries, which make each piece feel more authentic in the hand.

Also, for anyone who has ever participated in a stage combat show, the swords have to have a nice sound on impact as well and we strive for a good sounding sword.


Each stage combat blade has a warranty against breakage during normal stage combat use. This warranty is good for the life of the company. Any usage determined to be exceeding normal stage combat usage may void the warranty. Warranty covers the blade and metal handle parts such as the guard and pommels, but not the leather or hickory of the handles. In the instance a handle may become unwrapped, but the leather is still in good condition, we will rewrap the handle at no charge.

Sharpening: We make sharp pieces for cutting exercises for various martial arts use, or our customers may want to sharpen a piece they have purchased. In this case, the warranty stands as long as the blade is used soley for cutting exercises, however the blade is no longer warranted for stage combat use.